About Us

Welcome to “Green Leaf,” a sprawling 127-acre farmland in Chennai nestled in the serene setting of Acharapakkam, Chennai. If you’re longing for a place where you can live close to nature while enjoying modern comforts, look no further. Green Leaf offers a truly idyllic and sustainable living experience like no other. read further.


The mission of Green Leaf is to create a sustainable Farmland in Chennai and harmonious living environment that allows individuals and families to live close to nature while enjoying modern comforts. Our aim is to provide residents with a sanctuary where they can reconnect with the natural world, foster a sense of community, and embrace a sustainable way of life.


Green Leaf aims to create a legacy of sustainability and inspire others to embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle. We aspire to be recognized as a model community that harmoniously coexists with nature, promotes well-being, fosters strong connections, and acts as a catalyst for positive change in our society.


At Green Leaf, we cherish the beauty and importance of nature. We value the connection between residents and the natural world, and we aim to create an environment that encourages outdoor activities, appreciation of native flora and fauna, and a deep sense of respect for the earth. We strive to cultivate a harmonious coexistence with nature in all aspects of our community.

Green Leaf Best Farmland in chennai